Blacktop Saints Riding Club


Delta Charter

 Blacktop saints DELTA charter is located in Northwest Indiana, we have members from Michigan all the way down to Evansville Indiana. We enjoy hanging out with one another and have a blast riding local or to locations all around this great nation!! We also take great pride in giving back to charities in need. Some of theses charities include battered woman shelters, homeless shelters, and Salvation Army. We also like to support all of our Brothers from the other Charters in their charities and functions. We are also looking forward to growing our newly formed charter and stretching Westward with like minded individuals.So if you like to have FUN and want to be a part of a great Brotherhood, maybe The DELTA charter will be right for you!! So remember, keep the shiny side up and stay in your lane!!  

-Jay “JAYBIRD” Szala  President DELTA Charter