Blacktop Saints Riding Club

Welcome to Blacktop Saints Riding Club

Welcome to Blacktop Saints Riding Club

Welcome to Blacktop Saints Riding ClubWelcome to Blacktop Saints Riding ClubWelcome to Blacktop Saints Riding Club

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Our Club

The Blacktop Saints, RC is an AMA Chartered Riding Club. Our club was created to provide members with the opportunities that we could not find in traditional motorcycle clubs. Many of our members had the desire to belong to a club that could provide them opportunities to get together and ride, but the reality of competing requirements of family, jobs, friends and families prohibited the commitment. We designed the club to allow members to participate as their schedule allows them to be part of our family.

Being a Blacktop Saint is about having fun. Our goal is always to provide the opportunity to enjoy each other’s friendship while riding motorcycles. The Blacktop Saints Riding Club is a neutral club, we recognize the right of all other clubs to coexist in mutual respect. We do not involve ourselves either individually, or as a group, in the politics of other clubs. We do at times choose to support their charitable efforts.

In keeping with the theme of a riding club, all of our members wear an AMA patch on the front of their vest. Our logo (patch) does not have a Territory Rocker....only our name and logo artwork which was designed by our original founding members, incorporating elements and ideas from each original member.  Our name and logo are black, gray and neon green because we thought it looked good and makes our riders more visible on the road.  Our name "Blacktop Saints Riding Club" is registered and trademarked with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  

The name and logo patches are purchased and owned by our club members. They are not earned. The patches only mean that we are group of motorcycle enthusiast that are like minded, ride together, hang together and actively participate in fundraisers and charities that support people in need.  

As motorcycle enthusiast, our members ride everything...Harley Davidson, Indian, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, BSA, Victory and Triumph motorcycles.  Our riding club currently has charters in Michigan, Indiana and New Hampshire. We have members in Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Hampshire.  

We are excited about our riding club’s participation in local community charitable rides and events.  We enjoy the friendships that have grown through a passion for motorcycles, riding over the open roads and making new friends along the way. Although, we are excited about growing as a club. We are not a mail order club and expect to meet individuals before they become members.


Why We Do It

The Blacktop Saints Riding Club has been recognized by the IRS as a Charitable Organization with 501(c)3 status. The Blacktop Saints RC helps people in your local communities, by working at a grassroots level.  The BSRC like to look at our charity as a bridge between other charities. Our efforts are to provide assistance (financial and otherwise) to individuals who may not qualify with other charitable organizations.  We attempt to address efforts where funds can be maximized.  This may come from unplanned issues, that can occur to anyone of us.  Individuals who find their normal everyday existence negatively impacted by an unforeseen incident that they were not prepared to experience.  Our charity doesn't fix or erase the entirety of a problem.  Many of our interventions are small gestures whose purpose is to provide a feeling of support and caring.  We attempt to maximize our charitable efforts by assisting as many people with smaller interventions as possible. We have provided support to the Great Lakes Burn Camp and Great Lakes Autism Center.  We also provide direct support to individuals and families in needs.  The BSRC is run 100% by our members who are all volunteers. The cost of administrating the club is addressed by the annual dues the members pay. This allows us to use the proceeds of all of our charitable events and donation toward our charitable efforts. Next time you consider giving to a charitable effort, please remember the Blacktop Saints RC.


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Blacktop Saints Riding Club

Blacktop Saints RC PO Box 20202 Kalamazoo, MI, 49019

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Your support and contributions will enable us to help families and organizations in our communities. 100% of the money raised is donated or used to purchase good for people in need. 

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